*videos in hotel were recorded at a reunion of student action-takers
"I now have 2 properties under contract using NONE of my own money - thanks Marco!"
- Ryan
Got a hotel under contract that nets $200k per year. In due diligence as of time of recording, and looking good.
- Tom & Kim
Has a mobile home park under contract that earns $120k / yr. + 3 other properties under contract. In due diligence as of time of recording. 
- Jason
Closed on a hotel with 80% cash on cash return using none of her own money.
- Madame X (identity hidden to protect from former spouse)
Bought a 'labor of love' hotel that he's been rehabbing. Will make $6,000 per week when complete.
- Frank
Got a hotel under contract that's worth about 2.7M and makes $270k /year for about 1M less... in due diligence as of recording. 
- David
This property makes about $1M per year in Vermont.
- Anonymous Student
150 keys property closed that generates over 1M in revenue. 
- Ken Chow (from Hong Kong)
Very creative deal taking over the seller's payments. Makes about $800k / yr. Under contract and in due diligence as of recording.
- Tara
"We've been able to retire in our 30's!"
- Kyle and Janie
"This guy is the REAL deal"
- Frank, Linda and Stephanie and Linda
" This week I got another property under contract. It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you are, or
how much money you might have - if you have a chance, use this because you’ll never regret it."
- Lourier
"I have terminal cancer, and want to take care of my son. We made $50,000 U.S while living in Australia thanks to Marco."
- Liam Oldfield
"I joined with Marco 3 months ago and already have 2 deals under contract. This is the best investment I've ever made."
- Jo and Roland
"He has some fantastic techniques to get you an outstanding deal. I regret not having done this sooner."
- Chris
"2 properties just closed last week!"
- Pradep
"I was able to acquire a 32 unit property in Indiana. We should net about 150k a year once completed"
- Ruben Castellano
"I trusted him (Marco) right away. He's a genius, sophisticated, and family oriented. The only one you could blame if you don't get results is YOU."
- Yan
"We got 2 deals within 2 months and recently closed on a package of 5 properties and a mobile home park."
- Olliver Carter
"I've been with Marco for 6 months and have already bought 8 properties and a 34-unit mobile home park. I also have a number of others under contract."
- Roland
"With the guidance of Marco we learned a lot so we're really comfortable doing even more deals on our own in the future - he taught us how to fish."
- Joe-Sherley Dawson
"One thing I can say about Marco is he's passionate about teaching and about students being successful."
- Usman
"Interesting how easy it was to do. It took away any apprehension I had about doing a deal."
- Walter
"I was a bit nervous and worried I wouldn't understand. Although the speed of teaching is fast, the language is very easy."
- Giovanna
"We were extremely skeptical at the start. But even with the few small easy deals you can get you could build up 4 - 5k passive and grow from there".
- Alexander
"Now I'm ready to make more money than my friends and family"
- Cito
"I was skeptical but life is about taking chances. I'm not happy working, so I'm here to make a change - and this isn't that hard."
- Louis
"I did quite a bit of research before I got here, and I felt secure because I couldn't find much negative things at all. Now, attending, I'm thoroughly impressed."
- Michelle
"Really excited! I came here to take what I'm currently doing to the next level. Anyone can do it, you just need someone to coach you through the steps."
- Gabriel-Oshawa
How Do We Get So Many Reviews & Testimonials?
Hi, I'm Marco Kozlowski, and I'm a very results-based human, which allows me to make and deliver simple promises. 

When you attend a Virtually Invest event, the result is that you will buy up to 8 units of property using none of your own money... with about 5 - 10 hours of "work" (it's really FUN) per week. 

Our students properties will then generate approximately $200 per unit in net income (profit) per month on AVERAGE, for up to $19,200* per year in passive-income. 

*Some properties make more, some make less - this is an average based on closed deals. Also, as my attorney loves to say (and makes me say for my own protection... Results are not typical. Your results will vary. Which is true... because if you do nothing, you will get nothing. Your behavior dictates your results, and I'm going to give the "behaviors" that will help you to succeed.

The way we operate is that you essentially become a "support ticket" in my system that isn't closed unit we help you buy and close on your property.

The best part is that we're not fishing for you... we're teaching you how to fish. So after you do it once, you can repeat it over and over again to create as much passive income as you like.

By the end of the 3-days, you'll have the entire business model - from front to back. 

Here are just a few things we cover:
  • How to buy discounted U.S. properties from the comfort of your home, regardless of where you live or travel restrictions...
  • ​How to find off-market properties, and how to know when you’ve found a good deal. You’ll have the confidence to walk away from the bad deals and to seize the good ones before anyone else knows about them. ​
  • How to have fun negotiating sellers down to give you at least a 30% discount... over email. We never pick up the phone or visit a property until we know the numbers make sense. 
  • How to find the financing, put the deal together, arrange property management, and get to closing. 
  • How to communicate with sellers with effortless and stress-free negotiation – what to say and what never to say. You will learn the language of this business, and you will know what to do. I’ll even do live seller calls for some of you right before your eyes and ears… ​
  • Why we NEVER use any of our own money or credit (PLUS you get access to the exact same brokers and financing I use to close on properties with ZERO money down). ​
  • ​Find out how we play DEFENSE with asset protection that almost guarantees you'll never get sued... (and get access to my personal lawyer)... ​
  • Why we have unlimited access to funding using OPM (other people's money)... for the right deals (hint: great deals always get funded... it's not the money... it's the deal) 
  • ​​Tax strategies that are going to absolutely blow your mind and make you want to tear out your hair when you see how much you pay in tax now... vs. how much you're going to pay with this business. ​
  • Access my contracts and due diligence checklists that have taken literally decades to perfect so that you're always protected. ​
  • How I get free property inspections (paid for by Uncle Sam)... ​
  • Property management secrets, strategies, and checklists (so you never have to worry about toilets or "Jerry Springer tenants"... 
  • ​​Get everything it takes to go out there and buy your first investment property, a 3, 4, or 5 door complex. It will only be a few months later that you’ll make back the one-time fee for coming to Virtually Invest – a fee that will seem like peanuts... ​
  • ​The simple math formulas we use to quickly determine whether a property is worth pursuing... and the ABC response templates I use to quickly email back and forth with sellers (they almost "automate" the negotiation process for you... this is my "secret sauce" to getting amazing deals) ​
  • After that – it’s all profit, every month, for as long as you want it. And that’s just one property. Once you’ve crawled, you can learn to walk, run, sprint, and fly. When you buy your second and third and fourth property, there is no limit to what’s possible. 
  • RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Attend the 1st day LIVE and if you don't love it for any reason, I'll refund every penny. ​
  • ​And much, much more...
A Few More Marco Kozlowski Reviews and Testimonials
Watch the Marco Kozlowski reviews above to find out what people are saying.
Ryan's review / testimonial of Marco Kozlowski

I now have 2 properties under contract using NONE of my own money - thanks Marco!

- Ryan
Kyle and Janie's review / testimonial of Marco Kozlowski

We've been able to retire in our 30's!

- Kyle and Janie
Kyle and Janie's review / testimonial of Marco Kozlowski

This week I got another property under contract. It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you are, or
how much money you might have - if you have a
chance, use this because you’ll never regret it.

- Laurier
Want to See How My Student's Achieve Success and Give Me Such Amazing Reviews?
Discover How Me & Hundreds of My Students 
Buy Extremely High Cashflowing U.S Properties From Anywhere In The World At 30-50% Discounted Prices...
Using NONE of our own money.

Watch the Marco Kozlowski reviews above to find out what people are saying.

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Brian Tracy
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"Marco is one of the world's foremost authorities on helping you to make money."
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"Marco is the kind of person where it's not about being halfway. If you're gonna do it, you're gonna be all in - and that's why I applaud you, my brother."
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