September’s Success Reflex

The Earth was not built with four walls surrounding it.

The world has and always will be green and blue, however it is the people who live on it that get to decide what other colors it gets to be. That’s where people like you enter. What you’ve been given and what you have can always be built upon. This idea can be applied to anything in your life: relationships, passion projects, and even that stove in your kitchen that has a faulty burner. Nothing is ever completely finished, which is the beauty of living in a world that changes without remorse or second thought. We have no choice but to feel when we when we age.

For many people, age is a setback. Where being young is a paramount opportunity for growth and success, however I challenge that thought. Through my life experiences whether it be through my past clients, companies that I’ve worked with, and even my marriages I feel as if that there are always lessons to be learned and mountains to scale. There are still so many tricks for this old dog to learn, and the same can be said for my clients that attend my Success Reflex events.

There is no blueprint or curriculum to what I teach. There is structure, guidelines, and paths to success that are paved only by the work you, the client, put into it. Words are not subjective to age. There are words that are archaic and no longer used on a day-to-day standard, however words and the way they are spoken can leave impressions on anyone at any age.

My recent Success Reflex event took some fishes out of their water and open possibilities that stretched upon different age groups and demographics. I was fortunate enough to have a dynamite father-son-son deal closure underneath the roof that I and many other clients shared. All three of these men worked together with the same set of goals and guidelines, and managed to all close three separate deals. After seeing this much of a success so quickly from three different men in the same family was reassuring to me. It reassures me that there are lessons that anyone can be taught, and that these “big” real estate words that everyone hears on television and YouTube videos can be acquainted to who anyone is willing to learn.

My client Walter Oluwolè says it best when he talks of money working for you, because that is ultimately the goal for any client that I work with: Making the things that may scare or intimidate you, work for you. We constantly let the things that are new to our lives take some sort of control over us, however I’m here to tell you that it should not be a fear and learning something that has no curriculum, but there is structure. There is no blueprint, but there are guidelines. You aren’t a Property Brother or a Million Dollar Lister, but you are you. Please believe me when I tell you this: that is enough.


2 days to go before Sydney #SuccessReflex …
Olúkáyọdé Walter Olúwọlé went from ZERO Deals to a Disney Area Hotel worth over 4 million for 1.2 Million in just 3 days – thats 400K a year…. forever….

Do What you must today to Never. Work. Again…..

Posted by Marco Kozlowski on Sunday, October 1, 2017