Our Beliefs and Who We Chose to Work With

  • We believe easy money will always be picked up by the first person who finds it.
  • We believe anyone who says they can teach you to get rich quick is lying.
  • We believe it takes at least 3 years to go from rags to riches.
  • We believe lazy people deserve to be poor.
  • We believe that he who has the gold makes the rules.
  • We believe big money can be made from little money.
  • We believe you should be firm – rock solid – about being flexible.
  • We believe it’s easier to act right when you look right.
  • We believe in wearing red socks.
  • We believe you’re an idiot if you think we’re going to do it for you. (See belief #1)

Our Mission Statement

To empower 10,000 PEOPLE to achieve abundance

Our Core Values
Deliver first class G.A.S.

Show Up
Customers thriving

Step up for your team members

Be the example
Push your limits

Positive, playful & professional
Create & celebrate the wins
Stay humble